AFJROTC GA-20062 Kitty Hawk Air Society  


1.  PURPOSE:  This cadet policy guidance briefly outlines the objectives of the Carroll County Chapter of the GA-20062 Kitty Hawk Air Society for the information and action of all cadets.  This policy guidance supersedes and replaces previously adopted bylaws to the previous Constitution of the Kitty Hawk Air Society.

2.  GENERAL:  The Kitty Hawk Air Society (KHAS) Chapter at GA-20062 AFJROTC will be known as the Carroll County Chapter.  This chapter is organized at Central Carroll High School, Carrollton, Georgia.

3.  OBJECTIVES:  KHAS shall promote higher academic standards, be of service to the school and community, promote self-confidence and initiative, develop leadership ability, encourage academic excellence, and further educational development in the post high school years.

4.  MEMBERSHIP:  The members of the organization must be enrolled at either Bowdon, Central, Mt. Zion, Temple, or Villa Rica High School as full time high school student and must be registered in a Aerospace Science Course during the school year.

4.1. All cadets enrolled in the AFJROTC program are considered for an invitation to join this honor society.  An invitation to join will be extended only to those students of good moral character, students who have a 3.3 or higher Grade Point Average, and a 85 or higher in AFJROTC. Cadets will be asked to send their last report card and/or their cumulative GPA from either Infinite Campus or physical copy to the commander of KHAS for a review of their records.  Additionally, students cannot have a established pattern of negative behavior in their classes, and must not have been assigned to In- and/or Out-of-school suspension. The decision to extend or not extend an invitation will be based primarily upon three factors:

  1. The comments of a school official who has access to student discipline records will be considered.  

  2. Each cadet's record of behavior and duty performance in AFJROTC and other school classes and activities will be considered.  

  3. Each potential member must achieve the currently established GPA, and must be passing all his/her classes. The grade standards must be achieved for the most recent grading period prior to induction.  Exam grades such as EOC, SAT, or ACT will not be considered.

4.2. Members must maintain Kitty Hawk standards.  The performance of each member will be evaluated at the end of each grading period.  Factors considered in evaluating members will be the same as those used to evaluate potential members.  Any member who fails to maintain the grade standards and all other standards of the Honor Society will be placed on probationary status until they again satisfy established standards.

4.2.1. Members on probationary status may not wear the accouterments

associated with Kitty Hawk membership.

4.2.2. Members on probationary status may attend Kitty Hawk meetings

and activities; but, they may not hold office in the Carroll County Chapter, vote on any club business, or serve as a big brother or big sister in the pledge program, during their probationary period.

4.3. Adults, such as school officials and distinguished visitors, may be made honorary members from time to time. They will be presented with a badge and a certificate of honorary membership.

4.4. Induction:  Cadets desiring to become members shall complete a pledge program composed of reasonable tasks established by the membership and approved by the SASI.  Induction ceremonies will be conducted as soon as is practical following completion of a pledge program. Induction will normally be held during a formal Dining-In or other appropriate ceremonial event. There cadets will receive their KHAS badge, shoulder cord, and KHAS certificate of induction.

4.5. Insignia: Active members in good standing are authorized to wear the Kitty Hawk badge and blue shoulder cord while in uniform. The kitty Hawk badge shall be worn ½ inches above the name tag, and the blue shoulder cord shall be worn on the right shoulder.

4.5.1. Active members and honorary members may wear the Kitty Hawk badge when not in uniform. Cadets may wear their badge on the lapel of their blue AFJROTC polo shirt.

4.5.2. Graduating seniors who are active members in good standing are authorized a blue honor cord for wear with their cap and gown.

5.  ORGANIZATION:  The organization will be organized in accordance with the following below.

5.1. Commander:  It shall be the duty of the Commander to preside over all activities of the organization and to serve as the Cadet Evaluation Reporting Official for each member serving in a leadership or staff position in the organization. The rank of which the commander holds will either be First Lieutenant or a Senior NCO rank. The SASI has the final say on appointing a  sound commander.

5.2. Deputy Commander:  It shall be the duty of the Deputy Commander to preside in the absence of the Commander and to ensure that all staff actions are properly accomplished in a timely fashion that complies with the suspenses and deadlines that are imposed upon or generated by the organization. The deputy commander will hold the rank of a technical sergeant.

5.3. Other Staff: The other staff such as the personnel, operations, finance, and public affairs shall be provided by the current officers/ Noncommissioned Officers in Charge (NCOICs) standing in the position in the corps..

6. DUES:  Members and pledges are not required to pay dues; but they are expected to participate in fundraising projects which the Cadet Wing conducts.  Members and pledges are expected to raise a fair quota of required funds through the sale of fundraising merchandise, or pay an equivalent amount in cash, once each school year.

7.  FUNDRAISING:  Fundraising by and for this organization will normally be done as part of a Wing wide fund raising effort.  Normally, all funds required by the organization will be raised by the major Wing sponsored fund raising projects and funds will be allocated by the Wing to cover the authorized expenditures which are included in the budget approved for the organization by the Wing.  All fundraising must be approved by the SASI and the school administration and be scheduled on the school calendar to avoid conflicts with other school organizations.

8.  CALENDAR:  All meetings, activities, and events conducted by and for organization members will be approved by the SASI and school administration and scheduled on the school calendar to avoid conflicts with other organizations and to assure coverage by school insurance.

8.1. Activities:  Some of the activities planned annually include:.

8.1.1. Sponsorship of the military ball.

8.1.2. Sponsorship of dining-in.

8.1.3. Sponsorship of a cookout.

8.2. Service:  Annual service projects include:

8.2.1. Sponsorship of school service projects, such as campus clean-up, or providing peer tutoring for students.

8.2.2. Participation in community service activities such as Toys for Tots, Empty Bowls, Light the Night, as a school club.

8.3. Trips:  Annual trips include:

8.3.1. Annual CIA trips as approved by SASI or ASI.

8.4. Meetings: Meetings will be held under the SASI, ASI, or the KHAS Commander's discretion. All members will be notified via Remind 101, Google Classroom, or school email a week prior to said meetings.

3.4.1 All KHAS meetings will begin with reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, Preamble of the KHAS Constitution, and Air Force Core Values. After the opening precedings, the meeting will continue and come to a close with a call to attention and a dismissal. Cadets will shout “HOORAH!” After this cadets will be dismissed.

9.  INSURANCE:  Each member and pledge must have insurance which will cover the cost of emergency medical treatment each school year prior to participating in any functions of the organization.